Can You Eat Bass

Freshwater bass is one of the popular types of fish in North America. This is due to the freshwater fishing sport that is quite a popular event. Thousands of people from all over the USA join this sport every year. In this article, we are going to discuss can you eat bass?

Some people catch this fish just for sport and return them to the water later. At the same time, some keep some of the fish for eating and return a few of them to the water. Many people have a doubt about whether to eat freshwater bass. What do you think? Can you eat bass? 

We are going to see whether it is safe to eat bass and whether you can eat bass raw. 


Is It Safe To Eat A Freshwater Bass? Can You Eat Bass?

Can you eat bass

The simple answer to this question is – Yes, you can definitely eat a freshwater bass without second thoughts. If you cook them properly, you don’t have to worry about any problem that arises while eating this fish except for one. 

There is only one problem with eating these fish which is they are not tasty. If you are looking for a fish to serve your family and astonish them with your cooking skills, you should definitely disregard a freshwater bass from the list. 

These are pillar-type fish which means they reflect a taste of the environment they live in. If you catch a freshwater bass from clean water where it hunts and eats other fishes, you will find the bass as a much tastier ingredient. 

But most of the time, they live in blackwater with heavy vegetation covering the water. In this scenario, you would’ve just wished that you hadn’t eaten them. Some people who have eaten bass from muddy waters claim that it is fishy and muddy. 

Apart from the taste, there is no harm in eating these fish after properly cooking them. It will be much tastier if you catch and eat the fish. Hope now you get the answer for Can You Eat Bass.

Can You Eat A Freshwater Bass Raw?

This question must have popped on your head at least once while reading this article. The answer to the question is – Yes and No. You can eat a freshwater bass raw, but it’s advisable not to. 

Freshwater bass is not a harmful fish species that can cause serious problems like eating a pufferfish. But they might carry some parasites and bacteria, which can cause severe health problems. 

However, you can eat freshwater bass from a controlled environment like an aquarium if you have marinated them. Marination or curing is a process where you let a piece of meat or fish sit on a mixture of water and salt. This will absorb excess water molecules and kill most of the bacteria and parasites. 

You can also smoke the fish, which is also an effective measure to prevent any health issues before consuming them. Smoking involves exposing the fish to indirect heat such as smoke. Let the fish get smoked for at least 12 hours under 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will not only kill unwanted microorganisms but also add a delicious flavor to the fish. 

Health Problems Caused By Eating Raw Bass

Can you eat bass

Even after marinating and smoking the fish, you are still at risk of bacterial or parasitical infection. There are many types of worms like tapeworms and roundworms, which can cause serious health problems when ingested. 

If you catch a saltwater bass, you should definitely cook it before eating as there is an increased chance of the presence of harmful parasites. 

Tapeworms can cause abnormal weight loss when ingested. It will also cause intestinal blockages, which will affect the excretory system. The ingested patient will also experience frequent and severe pain in their abdominal region. 

Roundworms can cause much worse symptoms when ingested along with the fish. You will experience diarrhea that will extend for several months. You will also have extensive pain in the eye region, followed by abdominal cramps. 

So it is a better choice to eat your bass after cooking. The best way to cook your fish is by starting marinating. Let them sit in a mixture of salt and water for a few hours. After that, expose them to smoke for at least 12 hours. You can smoke them for a maximum of 24 hours too. 

You can skip the smoking step, but it will add an extra flavor to the fish. You can instead boil them along with a bowl of water to get rid of any bacteria or parasites. Then deep fry them using a frying pan and a little amount of oil. This will provide a crunchy taste to the fish while eating. 

If you would like to experience a proper fishing trip, poke them in a wooden stick and put them on top of a campfire. Rotate them constantly so that all the sides are properly baked. Now your bass is ready to be eaten. Here is all about Can You Eat Bass?

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