The Butterfly Knife- Information And List Of Butterfly Knife Tricks

If you have decided to learn butterfly knife tricks before you go and search for butterfly knife tricks tutorials or enter “butterfly knife tricks slow motion” into your browser search bar, here is a bit of information about the butterfly knife.

The butterfly knife is a kind of folding pocket knife. It is known by a few other names like Balisong knife, Batangas knife, fan knife, etc. A distinct feature of the butterfly knife is the fact that it has a blade that is enclosed within two counter-rotating handles. These handles can open up to expose the blade and form a handle on the other side, giving it the appearance of a conventional knife when opened up. A latch is present on the handle that is on the side of the sharp edge of the knife, which holds the blade and the other handle together.

The butterfly knife was invented in the Philippines. It was most commonly used by Filipinos, particularly in the Tagalog region of the Philippines. They used it primarily as a pocket knife and for the purpose of self-defense. These knives were also used as straight razors for the purpose of shaving before actual razors were available to the people in the Philippines.

The origin of the butterfly knife is unclear, as there is no documented history about it. According to hearsay and oral history, it was invented in the Philippines in about 800 AD. There is, however, no way to verify or support this, as there is no evidence in the historical documentation or the archaeological artifacts found in the region.

Another rumor is that the butterfly knife was a Filipino adaptation of a French measuring tool called the “pied du roi”, translated as the “foot of the king”. However, this too cannot be backed up or confirmed. There are theories that this device was introduced to the Philippines by Spanish sailors. A key difference, however, between the two, is that the butterfly knife was smooth and quick to open, as compared to the French measurement device. The production of the butterfly knife in the Philippines began in the early 20th century. It was mostly constructed using steel from railroad tracks or scraps from vehicles.

The Balisong knife is a useful tool if the wielder knows how to utilize it, without seriously injuring themselves. The butterfly knife is as potentially deadly as it is flashy and light. It is for this reason that it has a reputation for being a dangerous instrument. The butterfly knife is banned in a large number of countries including Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, and a large number of states in the United States of America. It is, however, legal to own a training butterfly knife, which is blunt.

Below are a few of the well-known and popular tricks. If you own a butterfly knife, amazing tricks are definitely on your mind. It is recommended to proceed with a trained instructor.


Butterfly knife tricks for beginners:

 butterfly knife tricks

The most popular tricks for beginners include:

  • Basic flip opening
  • Basic flip closing
  • The Pinwheel
  • Beginner
  • Vertical Open Close
  • Horizontal Open Close
  • Fanning
  • QuickDraw
  • Latch Drop
  • Backhand Screwdriver
  • Basic Twirl
  • Backhand Twirl
  • Basic Aerial
  • Reverse Grip Aerial
  • Ice Pick Spin
  • Zipper
  • Double Rollout
  • Invert
  • Catapult
  • Revolver
  • Washing Machine
  • Tabletop
  • Screwdriver
  • Handy Switch

Butterfly knife tricks for pros:

 butterfly knife tricks

The following is a list of the most popular tricks for people who have a bit of practice with butterfly knives.

  • Full Twirl
  • Horizontal Chaplin
  • Orbit
  • Helix
  • Blender
  • Behind The 8 Ball
  • Whip Rollover
  • Around The World
  • Shortstop
  • Helix Aerial
  • Twirl Aerial
  • Suicide Drop
  • Palm Spin
  • Passes & Transfers
  • Fanning Opening
  • Reverse Grip Helicopter
  • Y2K Bounce

Butterfly knife tricks for experts:

butterfly knife tricks

This list of tricks is not for just anybody. You need to have a lot of practice and be considered an expert to even attempt to pull these off.

  • Scissoring
  • Hellbent
  • Hellish
  • Middle of Hell
  • Zero Gravity Chaplin
  • Aerial to Chaplin
  • Van Gogh
  • Around The World Aerial
  • Kiss Goodbye
  • Choker Fanning
  • Murnax Ladder
  • Firestarter
  • Hell Behind The Bend
  • Joker
  • Carousel
  • Sunrise Transfer
  • Giraffe
  • Volpe
  • Twirl Ladder
  • Pitstop Aerial

How many butterfly knife tricks are there?

 butterfly knife tricks

There are more than 64 butterfly tricks known, which are the most common ones. There are many more specific tricks, created by masters of the butterfly knife. However, there is a chance that there could be even more since people who are good at handling butterfly knives could choose to get creative with the tricks.

Butterfly knife tricks book:

There are a large number of books on the subject of butterfly knife tricks and how to do them. These books have a lot of tricks listed and have explanations for how to do all the butterfly knife tricks step by step. Here is a list of the few most popular and informative titles on the subject. They have a large number of tutorials for butterfly knife tricks with pictures.

  • “The Balisong Manual” – an informative book by Jeff Imada
  • “The Advanced Balisong Manual” – a step up from the previous book by Jeff Imada
  • “The Manipulation Manual for the Balisong Knife” – by Tom Wei Toi and Tom Wei Ding – a joint venture
  • “The Butterfly Manual” – a handbook for tricks by Donald S. Bitanga
  • “Balisong Knife” – by Tai Jo
  • “Arnis Prasas Style and Balisong” – an insightful and educational book by Grandmaster Ernesto A. Prasas
  • “Balisong – The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting” a book written by Sid Campbell, Gary Cagaanah, and Sonny Upad
  •  “The Heart of the Butterfly” – a trick manual written by Nikolai Alexandrov and Dominick Galiyeva

Hardest butterfly knife trick ever:

 butterfly knife tricks

To the untrained eye, all these tricks are really difficult. However, for an expert, there are a few tricks that are the Holy Grails of butterfly knife tricks. The following is the hardest ever butterfly knife tricks list.

  • The reverse OG ladder
  • The Choker Fan
  • The Scissor Ladder
  • Snake eyes
  • The E-X-O
  • The Viper

10 Easiest beginner butterfly knife tricks to learn first:

If you are just starting out these tricks are the first few you should begin with. Learning the basic tricks always goes a long way, since many times the advanced tricks are built upon the basic moves.

  • Basic Opens
  • Basic Reverse Opens
  • Double Rollout
  • The Quickdraw
  • Icepick Spin
  • Tabletop
  • Index Rollover
  • Wrist Pass
  • The Fan
  • Y2K Thumb Rollover

Butterfly knife opening tricks:

These tricks are a few of the opening tricks among the innumerable butterfly knife tricks.

  • Basic Opens
  • Basic Reverse Opens
  • Vertical Open Close
  • Horizontal Open Close

Butterfly knife rollover tricks:

 butterfly knife tricks

If you are a butterfly knife enthusiast you know that some of the most interesting and eye-catching tricks are the rollover tricks. The following is a list of the rollover tricks among the list of butterfly knife tricks.

  • Double Rollout
  • Index Rollover
  • Double Index Rollover
  • Y2K Rollover
  • Infinite Rollover
  • Middle index
  • Sinister Roll
  • Zen Rollover
  • Fan Rollover
  • Index Rollover

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are butterfly knife tricks dangerous?

When you see the words “knife” and “tricks” in the same sentence, if that does not ring alarms, well then you need to get examined. Yes, butterfly knife tricks are very dangerous. That is why most beginners opt to buy training knives that are blunt.

What is a butterfly knife used for?

Butterfly knives are great pocket knives, and also are known to have been used for self-defense.

What is the best butterfly knife?

The following is a list of the few most popular models of the butterfly knife:
Squidmaster Squidtrainer
DogBite Knives DB 3.1W
BRS Replicant
Benchmade 51
Hom Design Rhapsody
BRS Alpha Beast
Hom Basilisk
Benchmade 87

Should I buy a butterfly knife?

If you are looking to start learning tricks, then butterfly knives are the flashiest option to do that. However, it is best, to begin with, a training butterfly knife, just to be on the safer side of things.

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