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Bojangles is a company that provides their customers with the best quality chicken and biscuits, get the famous chicken along with the biscuits however you want it. In the following article, we will be knowing more about Bojangles hours and the essential topics concerned with it.


Bojangles breakfast hours

Bojangles is a professional service and product provider meaning the work is done systematically in the company. If you are wondering about the Bojangles hours for breakfast then for your good luck, Bojangles serves breakfast throughout the day, you can order the breakfast after the morning hours and you will get it like usual.

People wonder, as food like fries is added under the tag of ‘fast food’ will they be sold in morning breakfast hours, Bojangles have fries and other general dishes for you in the morning, don’t worry, they got your back. You can say the menu for breakfast would have half of the junk food including ingredients like cheese and ham in it.

bojangles hours

Bojangles lunch hours

Bojangles work decently, the timing decided are all according to the health and best hours for digestion for the people. The launch hours at Bojangles starts around 10:00 as at 10 am the breakfast hours seem to be over. However, like they serve breakfast all day, they don’t sell lunch all day, lunchtime gets over at its exact time and after that, you won’t be able to buy food in the lunch menu of Bojangles.

The staff is strict with health issues and policies, you won’t be able to convince them to extend even 5 minutes extra for you. The menu here would of course differ at many points from the breakfast menu, in the Bojangles lunch menu, you might find more healthy and less junk food.

Bojangles drive-thru hours

Bojangles hours are allotted after keeping in mind the different situations a customer can be in when he/she decides to order from Bojangles. The drive-thru hours are about 17 and a half hours in total meaning that for more than half of the day, they are ready to serve you in your car or any vehicle. The timing starts from 5:30 in the morning till 11:00 in the night, after that the hours are not meant to be extended and so Bojangles closes down for drive-thru after 11:00. Even though it is a drive-thru, the Bojangles hours would never get disturbed and work just like they work in a usual restaurant.

bojangles hours

All the information provided to you is updated and does not contain any type of false data. Bojangles is a famous food brand and the meal hours would never come in between you and your need to eat the meal from Bojangles if you really do love the food there. For more information about various other aspects of the site and brand, you can always reach out to the customer support services on the ‘contact us’ page on the Bojangles site. We hope by now your overall idea about Bojangles and Bojangles hours is clear.

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Below mentioned are the frequently asked by customers:

1) Does Bojangles serve breakfast all day?

Yes, They certainly do, with Bojangles you will get breakfast all day and every day. You can witness a mouthwatering sight which consists of yummy biscuit sandwiches and other delicious dishes like chicken filets, seasoned steak or sausage, country ham, eggs with cheese and many more tasty foods to fill your tummy just right. The breakfast menu consists of all the above-mentioned stuff and so, as you might have a craving for fries or maybe country ham at an inappropriate time of the day, you can easily order it from the breakfast menu anytime, anywhere.

2) Is Bojangles open on Christmas?

No. Bojangles is a brand whose food you may crave at any time of the day, if you haven’t had a meal from Bojangles in a while then trust us, you are soon to get a strong craving for it, the Christmas is approaching and when it is a holiday for all your family members together, you’d like to enjoy the meal at Bojangles, but wait, have you asked anyone if it’s open? Because Bojangles are closed on holidays meaning it will remain closed on the day of Christmas too, sad, isn’t it?

3) What time does Bojangles close?

The real Bojangles hotels are ready to serve their customers for about 16 hours while these hours may differ if the shop from where you want to get a Bojangles meal is located in a mall or related buildings, in this case, the shop will close and open at the time convenient to the owners and authorities.

The breakfast timing of Bojangles starts at 5:00 in the morning, the same time as the opening timing of the shop. The dinner timing would close with the closing time at 10:00 pm sharp. After the restaurant is closed or before the shop is opened, no orders and general issues would be entertained by the staff of Bojangles.

4) What time does Bojangles open?

5:00 am. Bojangles has held onto the decided timings because this way, an early day traveller can get the food from them easily, not only by walking in the shop but as well through the Bojangles drive-thru. While the aforesaid can get the desired meal, a traveller travelling at night at around 10:30 can as well get his/her food from the drive-thru and without stepping out of the car, can drive away with ease.

5) What time does Bojangles start serving lunch?

10:00-10:30 am. At Bojangles, everything is on time but to ease the schedule and tension about Bojangles hours a bit, Bojangles doesn’t end the breakfast time on said time, that is at 10 am, the breakfast may end anytime between 10-10:30 am and lunchtime can start at any minute from 10-10:30 am.

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