Choose the Best Knife for Backpacking from 6 Exclusive Brands

Pocket knives are handier and useful in many ways and it stands apart as the best knife for backpacking. In formal words, pocket knives can be described as portable knives that are easier to use and much more versatile than normal ones. Nowadays, the streets and isolated places are lurking with molesters and robbers, so keeping a pocket knife is advantageous. Also when you go backpacking around, it can be used for cutting through almost everything.



Aroma Houseware Rice Cooker

Kershaw Volt 3655

  • Stainless steel body and blade

  • Body contoured for better grip

  • One-hand flipper

  • Convenient pocket clip

Instant pot 10-in-1 electric pressure cooker

Kershaw Scallion Olive Drab Pocket Knife

  • Lightweight knife

  • Stainless steel blade with matte body finish

  • Convenient clip

  • Secure locking system

  • Olive drab finishing

Black+Decker Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-tool Pocket Knife

  • Multiple tools (12)

  • Stainless steel Swiss finish which is considered as one of the best

  • Consists of a Philips screwdriver

  • Can be used for fixing and cutting

Breville BPR700BSS fast slow pro cooker

Benchmade – Mini Presidio II 575 Knife

  • Reversible with pocket clip

  • Lightweight knife

  • Stainless Steel finish

  • Locking system is available

5. Tiger JBV rice cooker with steam cooker and slow cooker

Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife

  • Peppy colours are available

  • Single fixed knife

  • Patterned grip for comfort and control

  • Stainless steel blade

Zojirushi NS-TSC 10D100

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight Folding Knife

  • Tenacious Stainless steel blade

  • FRN handles make it a lightweight knife

  • Textured spine to open blade

  • Single blade knife

Pocket knives can be of various types

  • Multi-tool pocket knife – Consisting of numerous tools besides the knife, it’s the best knife for backpacking.
  • Multi-bladed pocket knife – Consisting of two to four different kinds of blade.
  • Single-bladed pocket knife – Consisting of a single blade which is a bit larger than the previous two.


Best knife for backpacking – Buying guide

It’s not so easy to choose the best knife for backpacking, as there are so many you have to go through in order to choose the one that fits you and is best for your interest.

Factors to Look Out for When Buying the Best Pocket Knife for Backpacking

Don’t buy the product by its appeal instead lookout for these factors

  • Appropriate size: Always try to choose the right kind of blade you want for your purpose. The size matters, as mentioned above the single-bladed are a bit larger and sharper for rough works.
  • Ergonomics: Choose the ones that are durable and effective like stainless steel, carbon, or titanium. Also, look out for the handles, choose that has the best grip according to you.
  • Improvisation: Prefer automatic or one-hand operable knives as they are more exclusive and premium.
  • Cost-effective: It’s the most fundamental point and an important one too. Never go for insane prices, always choose the ones that are best and useful for you. Pocket knives are the best knife for backpacking and also costs less than normal ones.
  • Weight: Most people ignore the weight of knives. But one should always check them before buying as the larger the weight, the harder it is to handle. Go for small and durable pocket knives, they are the best for backpacking.

Reviews of Best Brands of Pocket Knives for Backpacking

1. Kershaw Volt 3655 – Stainless Steel Blade; Best Pocket Knife for Backpacking

Kershaw Volt 3655

It comes with a classic clip-point stainless steel blade and body. The body is contoured for a better and comfortable grip. It has the SpeedSafe assisted opening for a one-handed blade opening. The blade is clip-point shaped making it versatile, extra-cutting, and making it the best knife for backpacking.

  • Stainless steel body and blade.
  • Body contoured for better grip and durability.
  • Can be opened with one hand (One-hand flipper).
  • Secure locking system.
  • Comes with a convenient pocket clip.
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2. Kershaw Scallion Olive Drab Pocket Knife; Best Lightweight Knife for Backpacking

Kershaw Scallion Olive Drab Pocket Knife

This knife has high carbon 420HC stainless steel blade which has a smooth and matte finish. Durable handle due to porous coating by anodizing. The olive drab makes it attractive and aluminum anodizing makes it the best knife for backpacking, hiking, and gardening.

  • Stainless steel blade with a clean and matte appearance.
  • The olive drab finish makes it attractive.
  • Best lightweight knife for backpacking due to its compact and aluminum anodized body.
  • One-hand flipper.
  • Convenient pocket clip and secure locking system.
  • Covered by Kershaw’s limited lifetime warranty.
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3. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-tool Pocket Knife; Best Swiss Army Knife for Backpacking

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-tool Pocket Knife

Ideal for men and women, this product is the best for multiple utilities. It’s all ready for build, tear and fix anything. For its multipurpose abilities, it’s considered the best knife for backpacking. It consists of the screwdriver, scissors, and bottle opener beside the knife. Not only it is the best knife for backpacking but also handy for day-to-day fixes.

  • Swiss-made knife with 12 functions; Victorinox makes the best Swiss army knife for backpacking.
  • It has a Philips screwdriver.
  • One can not only cut through but helps in fixing as well.
  • Stainless steel tools.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material.
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4. Benchmade – Mini Presidio II 575 Knife; Best Benchmade Knife for Backpacking

Benchmade – Mini Presidio II 575 Knife

It has a lanyard hole and a deep-carry clip type which offers a reversible tip-up position. Its smaller, lighter, and concealable package makes it the best Benchmade knife for backpacking.

  • Consists of CPM-S30V stainless steel and reversible with a pocket clip.
  • Lightweight due to the aluminum handles, so considered as the best Benchmade knife for backpacking.
  • Locking system available.
  • Benchmade’s limited warranty is available.
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5. Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife; Best Survival Knife for Backpacking

Best knife for backpacking

This knife comes up with different colors and a high-friction grip. Also works in wet and harsh weather conditions which makes it the best survival knife for backpacking.

  • Peppy colors and designs available.
  • Woodcutting and food preparation can also be done with the help of this, thus the best survival knife for backpacking.
  • Comfortable and patterned grip for greater control.
  • Made of 12C27 stainless steel blade and is fixed.
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6. Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight Folding Knife; Best Spyderco Knife for Backpacking

Best knife for backpacking

It is one of the best knives out there as it has a ground-flat blade from the spine to the cutting edge for non-stop cutting. It’s also lightweight with a secure grip. For these reasons, one can consider it as the best Spyderco knife for backpacking.

  • Blades are tenacious and made of stainless steel.
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) handle scales make the weight lower.
  • Textured spine to open the blade faster.
  • Very handy and easy to use hence, the best Spyderco knife for backpacking.
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Do you need a knife for backpacking?

Yes! We need not only a simple knife but also the best knife for backpacking. Pocket knives are the only go as for backpacking we need compact and sturdy items. Swiss army and Spyderco pocket knives are the best and we have listed the best model of each brand respectively.

Can we carry a knife when hiking?

Yes, we obviously can and the best knife for hiking would be lightweight and multi-purpose pocket knives.

How important is the knife in hiking?

We need a compact knife in hiking as we have to cut through woods, meats, ropes, etc. Knives also account for saving us in a case where animals attack. So, having a pocket knife is absolutely necessary when going for a hike.

What is the best knife for outdoor survival?

Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife is the best knife for outdoor survival. Woodcutting and food preparation can easily be done with the help of high friction grip and a fixed stainless steel blade. This model is the best mora knife for backpacking.

Are ballistic knives real?

Yes, ballistic knives or detachable blades (like a spring action with the press of a button) are real. But they are considered illegal by the government as they can be used for various malicious activities and a potential threat to everyone.

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